Custom Cut Acrylic Award


Size: 1-20 Sq. In
Style: Laser Engraved
Color: Black
Sale price$23.66

We can cut any shape you would like out of our stock .22" thick acrylic and apply personalization to every square inch of your cut shape. Provide us with the height and width you would like your award to be and our Art Department will work with you to bring your one of a kind design to life at a cost that wont break your budget.

Personalization can be done through laser engraving for that "frosted glass" look, or in full color with our UV printing capabilities. Each award will be mounted to an elegant piano finish black or rosewood base.

For an additional $10 we can mount the high gloss base to our slant front walnut finish bases for the inclusion of a trophy plate. Incase you need to display any additional information on your award without compromising or cluttering your custom design.

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